Membership of the SCoLA is free, and we invite all university teachers of corporate law and associated subjects to join. Membership is available to postgraduate research students in the field of corporate law, who are also warmly encouraged to join the association.

Membership eligibility

Please note that the constitution states in Clause 3:

Membership shall be open to:

  • all teachers of corporate law in tertiary institutions in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific region;
  • such persons as may, subject to any direction given by a General Meeting, be admitted by the Executive Committee;
  • such persons who have given distinguished service to the Association or legal education as may be elected as honorary life members at an Annual General Meeting

In particular, nominations are invited for honorary life memberships. Such nominations should be forwarded in writing to the exceutive committee by the end of the calendar year to be considered on the agenda for the next AGM.

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Honorary Life Time Members

The SCoLA may confer Honorary Life Membership on scholars who have made a sustained and outstanding contribution to Corporate Law in Australasia. The following list contains members who have been bestowed such membership, and a link to information regarding the member.

Professor John Farrar (PDF)

Emeritus Professor Harold Ford (PDF)

Professor Paul Redmond (PDF)

Professor Ian Ramsay (PDF)

Professor Jennifer Hill (PDF)

To celebrate the milestone of Harold Ford’s 90th birthday, please read the attached correspondence.

In Memorium

To mark the passing of one of our long standing members John Lessing (20.11.10), please read the tribute prepared by Ellie Chapple and Paul Redmond.

James MAYANJA tribute SCOLA AGM 5 July 2022, prepared by Ellie Chapple

Vale Gill North, prepared by Michelle Welsh

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