Best conference paper prize


Each year since 1998 a best paper prize has been awarded at the annual SCoLA conference. The prize (currently $500) is sponsored by Governance Institute of Australia. The SCoLA congratulates the past winners. The following criteria apply to the best paper prize.

  • To be eligible for consideration for the best paper prize, papers must be received by the conference organizer by the time specified by the conference organizer in the promotional material for the annual conference (this will be not less than 2 weeks and not more than 4 weeks prior to the first day of the conference).
  • The author of the paper awarded the best paper prize need not be a member of the SCoLA.
  • The paper awarded the best paper prize must be presented at the SCoLA annual conference.
  • The selection committee for the best paper prize will consist of a committee of at least 3 people established by the President of the SCoLA.
  • Papers:
          previously published; or
          presented at plenary sessions of the conference; or
          presented as a result of an invitation by the conference organizers, are ineligible for the best paper prize.
  • If a paper submitted for consideration for the best paper prize has been submitted for publication or has been accepted for publication, this must be disclosed to the conference organizers when the paper is submitted to the conference organizers or as soon thereafter as possible.
  • The prize is to encourage scholarship by eary or mid career academics at senior lecturer level or below. Accordingly, a paper submitted where the author’s academic rank is above senior lecturer (or equivalent) at the time that the prize is awarded is ineligible for the prize.
  • The author of the paper awarded the best paper prize is encouraged to submit the paper or an edited version of the paper for publication in the journal of Governance Institute of Australia.
  • Whilst there is no maximum or minimum word requirement, authors are encouraged to submit papers between 5,000 – 8,000 words.

Winners of the best paper prize for the 2020 Annual Conference

Dr Jonathan Barrett, Wellington School of Business and Government, Victoria University of Wellington

Highly Commended:
Alan Koh (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Ang Wen Pin Lance (NUS)

The 2020 student prize was won by: Madeleine Muddle (Newcastle)

Winners of the best paper prize for the 2018 Annual Conference

Vivien Chen, ‘Private and public enforcement of directors’ duties in Malaysia and Australia: the implications of context’, Monash University

Alice Klettner, ‘Stewardship Codes and the Pursuit of Corporate Sustainability’, UTS

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