Life Member Bursary


The SCoLA offers financial assistance in the form of conference registration bursaries to enable eligible members to attend the conference. The Life Member bursaries are offered as determined by the SCoLA’s operational priorities. For example, Life Member bursaries may facilitate attendance by members facing hardship; or facilitate attendance by members who are research students.  The SCoLA executive reserves the right to decline to award any Life Member bursaries.

The bursary is offered to current members of the SCoLA to attend and participate in the conference online to present their accepted paper and participate in the full conference program. The overall aim of the bursary is to fund corporate law researchers to register for the conference, who may not otherwise have the resources. The criteria for eligibility will be announced each year by the President in conjunction with the deadline for the abstract submission date.

The bursary will consist of a waiver of the conference registration fee, unless otherwise specified.

  1. The president’s announcement for the Life Member bursary may also include a Travel Award bursary. This bursary will consist of a waiver of the conference registration fee (including dinner) and has a maximum monetary value of AUD$800 (excluding registration fee and dinner), designed to defray the travel cost of attendance should such costs be incurred. The meaning of ‘travel cost’, for purposes of the Travel Award bursary, is explained below.
  2. Travel costs, up to the maximum prescribed amount, for the purpose of the SCoLA Travel Award bursary means:

a) Return economy airfare from home city to the conference;
b) Two nights accommodation proximate to the conference venue;
c) Four taxi fares for travel to and from home, conference venue and airport;
d) Two breakfasts (Conference day 2 & 3 eg Monday and Tuesday), one dinner (Conference day 1, eg Sunday);
e) Travel Insurance.

  1. Successful applicants are responsible for organising their own travel and should such costs exceed the maximum SCoLA Travel Award Bursary amount of AUD$800, then are responsible for the excess.
  2. The SCoLA Executive reserves the right to vary the method of bursary allocation described above.

The Application Process

  1. Around the same time as the Call for papers/the submission deadline, the SCoLA President will email all SCoLA members calling for nominations for the SCOLA Life Member Bursary.
  2. All SCoLA Bursary applications must be made by email to the President and Treasurer accompanied by the applicant’s submitted abstract. The application must be made by the closing date for lodgement of abstracts nominated in the call for papers. Abstracts must still be submitted to the conference organiser in the usual way.
  3. A nomination for the bursary must be made by a SCoLA member and must include the applicant’s name, institutional affiliation and brief CV or link to online profile. Members may self-nominate. Members are asked to supply a short statement (max500 words) on why they seek the SCoLA Life Member bursary.
  4. The SCoLA President will form a sub-committee to consider nominations received from such applicants. The successful applicant/s will be advised of the outcome by the SCoLA President. The President will not engage in correspondence regarding the awards. The Life Member bursary will be awarded in the name and to honour one of our SCoLA Life Members.

The Successful Applicants

  1. The successful applicants will be expected to comply with the submission requirements in accordance with the ‘call for papers’, present their paper at the conference and attend the conference sessions (and associated social events as appropriate to their circumstances).
  2. The successful applicant will liaise with the Treasurer regarding payment of the bursary by electronic transfer. Cash payments are not available.
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