Annual Conference

Corporations law: Rising to the challenges of our time

Sunday, 5 February – Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Swinburne Law School, Swinburne University of Technology

Melbourne, Australia

More information can be found on the conference site here:

Swinburne Law School is delighted to host the 2023 annual conference of the Society of Corporate Law Academics with the theme Corporations law: Rising to the challenges of our time. The conference will be held virtually and in person.

As the 21st century slowly ticks by, we face great challenges. Society is marked by vast inequity in terms of wealth, gender and race divides. Climate change poses an existential crisis. The global pandemic has caused global economic disruption, the effects of which are continuing to play out. Rapid technological advances outpace regulation. Security remains a concern between nation states, which also plays out in cyber space.

Amid these challenges stands the corporation. Corporations face risk from these challenges, as do their stakeholders. Moreover, it cannot be denied that corporations contributed to the creation of a number of these challenges and that those in charge may be reluctant to change their ways. The question is to what extent they can be expected to rise to meet these challenges and what the role of corporations law ought to be in this context. Previous crises have taught us that regulation is often an after-thought – a band aid rather than a prophylactic. Could corporations law contribute to solutions to these challenges before they turn into intractable crises?

Papers could include a consideration of:

  • Hard and soft law corporate regulation, especially but not limited to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues or sustainability
  • The theory of the corporation and corporate purpose
  • Technological advances and challenges to securities regulation
  • The advent of ‘green financing’ and its challenges to securities regulation
  • The conceptualisation of risk and its influence on corporate law
  • Corporate culture
  • Director’s and executive remuneration, especially but not limited to non-financial key performance indicators
  • Shareholder and stakeholder protection
  • The influence of these challenges on restructuring and corporate insolvency
  • The inclusion of these topics in your teaching, with a focus on subversive teaching

As always, we also invite the submission of any other abstract relating to corporations, corporate law and corporate regulation.

Abstracts are due on 14 November 2022:

Please submit and abstract of no more than 250 words, three key words, and a short biography (100 words).

Click here to submit an abstract.

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